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a1qa is a pure-play QA and software testing company. Since 2003, we have been helping global customers, both Fortune 500 enterprises and mid-size organizations, deliver top-rate software products and create exceptional end-user experience.
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Become a QA Engineer in 2,5 months!
We are looking for people with no experience in functional or automation testing. The crucial factor would be the drive to learn and get a job in the QA sphere. We provide free 2,5 months-long training. Our mentors are experienced engineers who work with the company.
We would be happy to offer a job with the company to those who complete the training course and pass an exam successfully.

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1 month
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Online training course "QA Functional Testing"
This course is aimed at providing you with the basic skills you need to start working in the area and adapt to the process of software development. Upon completing the training, our graduates have a chance to join a1qa as QA functional testers.
The training has 3 levels:

Level 1
Duration — 1 month.
Level goal — Getting familiar with basic concepts of functional testing as well as gaining hands-on experience with different types of testing.
Our main method of training is group work with day-to-day consulting and brainstorming sessions. We dig deeper into the best practices of functional testing and address every question our students could possibly have.
Level 1 Syllabus:
Unit 1. We cover the basics of software testing as well as project life cycle, project roles and it's participants.
Unit 2. Finding and tracking defects. Defect description and defect structure.
Unit 3. Testing approaches. Types of testing.
Unit 4. Testing documentation and testing artifacts.
Unit 5. Testing reports.
Unit 6. Defect life cycle. Defect validation.
Unit 7. Tools for manual testing.
Unit 8. Technical competence (VМ, Networks, Windows).

Level 2
Duration — 1 month.
Level goal — Improving & enhancing your testing skills, dealing with more complex tasks and covering all the kinks & bottlenecks in the testing process through personal feedback provided to each trainee.
This level is a follow-up step which allows our students to learn individually with a professional mentor. This part of the training is completely practice based and contains testing tasks working with web & desktop applications as well as performing technical tasks working with different technologies (Postman, SQL, Fiddler).

Level 3
Duration — 3 to 4 weeks.
Level goal — Preparing trainees to successfully pass project interviews with the ability to join real projects.
The final stage of training is dedicated to technical interviews, as well as to delving deep into the investigation of project and technical theory. In addition to having comprehensive theoretical knowledge, our trainees are going to perform testing tasks and review the material with dedicated mentor.
At the end of our training, trainees will have an exam which emulates the interview process with a customer.
Online training course "QA Automation Engineer"
This course is aimed at providing you with the basic skillset needed to start working in the area of automation testing and take a deep dive into process of software development. Upon completing the training our graduates have a chance to join a1qa as QA Automation Interns.

The training contains 3 levels:

Level 1
Duration — 1 month.
Level goal — Getting familiar with the basic concepts of testing as well as gain some hands-on experience with web-automation and the principles of project automation.
The main method of training is group work with day-to-day workshops, consulting and brainstorming sessions. We dig deep into the best practices of automation approaches and address every question our students could possibly have.

Level 1 Syllabus:
Unit 1. The basics of testing and test automation (key terms).
Unit 2. Test automation: basic approaches to web-automation using Selenium WebDriver tool.
Unit 3. Test libraries (TestNG/NUnit/pytest/Mocha) and their principles.
Unit 4. Project structure and test automation framework.
Unit 5. Automation templates.
Despite the number of workshops and group meetings, the course is aimed at hands-on practice tasks. The tasks can be performed with any object-oriented programming language, e.g. Java, C#, JS, Python.

Level 2
Duration — 1 month.
Within this level, our trainees gain all necessary skills in terms of tools and utilities. Another function this level provides is equipping our students with a deep knowledge of the automation project structure, expanding the experience they get at Level 1.
The format of this training stage is mostly individual consulting or mini-groups. This helps to thoroughly review all the technical solutions together with a mentor. The mentor not only provides detailed feedback on all the training tasks but also assures that each trainee learns to clearly and precisely formulate technical questions based on project requirements or arising technical issues.

Level 2 Syllabus:
Unit 1. Test Automation: API and database automation.
Unit 2. Automation tools: Docker, CI/CD (using Jenkins).
Unit 3. Code style and project structure (advanced level).
Unit 4. Principles of working with actual automation solutions (corporate framework).

Level 3
Duration — 2 to 4 weeks.
The final training stage consolidates all of the technical knowledge and skills obtained from previous levels into a clear and comprehensive system, as well as helping trainees to develop technical competence, thus preparing them for a project interview.

Level 3 Syllabus:
1) Automation tools (Selenium WebDriver);
2) Test libraries;
3) Language constructions;
4) Git;
5) CI/CD;
6) Basic technical competence: operation systems, networks, virtualization, etc.
Just like at previous levels, students are able to consult their mentors throughout the entire learning process. Upon completing each Unit and block of theory (individually or in a mini-group of 2 to 5 people) there is a midterm survey or test to take.
Our benefits
Our mission
Developing & expanding the QA field

We aim to emphasize the importance and value of independent QAs because we wholeheartedly care about the reputation of the services we provide.

We create cutting-edge techniques and help develop testing tools for new areas of business.

We help our clients to assess not only the quality of their product, but the quality of their processes and their software testing specialists as well.

On a day-to-day basis we train new QA engineers at our in-house training center to increase the number of professional QA squads around the globe.

Bringing value to our customers

While doing our job we prioritize our client as an individual, we prioritize our client as a product and we prioritize our client as a company, not just another contract.

We highlight the business goals of our clients and strive to help them achieve those goals.

Helping people achieve their career goals

Instead of hiring seasoned veterans on the market, we train people with less relative experience at our in-house training center to invest in the future.

We generate new employment opportunities for people to start a career in an advanced field as well as gaining hands-on experience and skills.

What we do
We are personally responsible for producing results of the highest quality

We have high standards & expectations for both ourselves and of others because we genuinely care about the results we provide. Our experience in the field allows us to be 100% sure which approach is best for the job.

We always finish a project, no matter the extra effort it might take. We aren't afraid to face problems head-on to find solutions. We acknowledge our mistakes forthright and address them so that they never happen again.

We provide a truly independent perspective, giving each project a unique personal touch.

We work with soul

We do what we do with pride and are inspired by those we work with.

We're emotionally invested in the processes because we genuinely love what we do.

Good can always be better, this is why we always do our best.

We develop

We are constantly improving our expertise and analyzing our past experiences.

We take on new challenges and carry out complicated tasks.

We share experiences within the company, cultivating conditions for our employees to develop in a professional setting.

We support the initiatives our people have and grant them new opportunities to develop in a variety of professional fields.

We don't just work hard, we play hard too!

We may spend a lot of time focused on the task at hand, but we also know the importance of team building outside of the workplace.

We aren't just a team of professionals, we're a group of friends. We tackle projects as well as go camping together.

We trust each other, so it’s never a problem for us to be in the same boat. We're a team in stormy sea and tough company.

We support each other’s hobbies & sport activities and then share them throughout the company via #a1qaisnotjustajob